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Caren Glasser says Super Boomers are not defined by their age. They are defined by how they show up in life.

How do YOU describe a Super Boomer? Caren Glasser and her Super Boomer lineup of guests from all over the world discuss this and more when they join her on her weekly popular Facebook Live show The Super Boomer Lifestyle.

They share authentically how they are maneuvering through a world that worships youth and shames the beautiful process of aging. Viewers are encouraged to engage live on the show with topics that promise to enlighten and motivate on how we can embrace our talents, gifts and authentic self unapologetically with the community and ultimately, the world.  

About Caren Glasser

Caren has invested the past 40+ years being of service by sharing her gift of song, media and digital technology. She was produced by Rhino Records and created 8 CD’s that focus on moving family and community towards hope and inclusiveness. She has authored 4 books and performed at Carnegie Hall. She is the founder of the Digital Network The Little White Lie, the Collaborative Blog and the Super Boomer Lifestyle Store 

October National Book Month

Calling All Authors

“October is National Book Month” It is the Perfect time to celebrate literacy, potential book sales all while leveraging over 1.5 Million views on our shows to date!I invite you to be part of one of my LIVE streaming shows and my brand new Course Series “Calling All Authors” How to Market Your Book and Yourself on YouTube.All designed to promote you and your book and give you the confidence in marketing yourself using YouTube and video.

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